See What Parents Are Saying...

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ali Dencklau as a piano teacher for any student who wants to learn or further their knowledge in piano. I have known her for 5 years through lessons for our daughter Katie. I chose to sit in on all lessons so that I could observe and reinforce what Ali had taught. Ali also did not just teach how to play notes on the piano, she also taught sight reading, piano theory, performing professionally, working hard to succeed, and putting emotion into a piece.”
“I believe that Ali is an amazing piano teacher and any student would be lucky to work with her.”
"She prepared Katie for the event by telling her how to adjust her piano playing for unforeseen circumstances that might come up during the procession. Katie’s performance was wonderful!” 
“I observed Ali teaching all types of students from little toddlers, to teens, to adults and everything in between. She also took time to understand her students and tailor her teachings to the student. This wasn’t just a job for her, it was her purpose.”
“If you need piano instruction or a Music Together class, you can’t get a better teacher than this! My kids take piano lessons with Ali and are progressing beautifully while having FUN. She’s incredible!”
“At 14 years old, Katie was to play the piano at her brothers wedding. This was a big task for Katie and she was somewhat nervous. When we told Ali about the event, she suggested the piano book to buy, and we started preparations 10 months prior. Ali even went to the church with Katie and I to practice for the wedding"